When does the new decade start? (Was there a year zero?)

Is tomorrow the last day of this decade or do we still have 366 days to go? Either way is acceptable, but because I love finding out the reasons for this sort of thing I thought I’d share them with you. 🙂 Continue reading When does the new decade start? (Was there a year zero?)

Films of the Year

This year (including the films yet to be published) I have watched 141 films, not including repeats. That is a lot of films if you think about it, roughly 2.7 films per week, at an average film being 100 minutes long it totals 270 minutes each week.

In a week there are 10080 minutes, thats roughly 6720 minutes awake.

Minutes Days * Hours * Minutes Reason
10080 = 7* 24 * 60 Minutes in a week
-3360 = 7 * 8 * 60 Minutes asleep
-840 = 7 * 120 Eating and bathroom breaks
-630 = 7 * 1.5 * 60 Traveling
-2400 = 5 * 8 * 60 Work or Education Etc
-120 = 2 hours Scouting or Guiding
+2730 = Total  

So of the remaining I’ve spent roughly a tenth of my time watching films, thats quite a lot. I wouldn’t quite class myself as a filmaholic must I would say I have a love of the cinema. Perhaps I should do the same again next year, dunno nobody seems to pay much interest to the listings.